Week 5/6 Post Partum Weight-loss Update

So I decided to combine these last couple of weeks. They have flown by! I feel like I’ve gotten into a really good rhythm will my daily calorie counting. It’s second nature now and doesn’t feel like work at all.

Some things that have continued to help me :

1.) Create meals you enjoy and eat them often : Once you create a meal in My Fitness Pal, it’s there for you. You can pop it into your calorie counter without having to weight or measure anything! So helpful to success.

2.) Save/create meals at your favorite places to eat out : This is key. If you catch yourself needing a coffee  or stopping for a meal unexpectedly, it’s great to have an arsenal of meals already saved so you can see how they will fit into your day. This helps with not getting off track or slowing progress. Some of my favorites are Chipotle, Zoe’s, Viva Chicken (sans the Chicken) etc. 🙂

3.) Keep your window of eating as short as possible : Intermittent fasting has been helping me so much! I shared about this on previous posts, but if you can keep your window of eating to 8-9 hours per day, then that will definitely continue to help your body process/lose. I typically don’t eat my first meal until around 11/12 each day. This also allows me a late night snack around 7/8 if needed/wanted. Do what works best for your schedule!


Here is my 6 week Progress update. Pictures WILL be happening once I hit my final goal.

Start Weight : 150.5

6 week Weight : 136.6

Total Loss : 13.9 lbs !!


My original goal was 15 lb loss. I wanted to hit 135, and believe I can by next week. But I have updated my goal to be 130 lbs. This is my “wedding weight” as I like to refer to it, and I am believing that I can hit it now that I have seen all this progress. Here’s to 2018 and turning 30 in January!

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