My Top 5 Shopping Tips to Save Money!

So I’ve been very active in the Instagram community of Moms. I’ve tried to be strategic with who I follow and what I try to put out there on my IG. I LOVE IG stories and have found a community of Moms bloggers that have been incredibly helpful for me to follow.

My husband and I have been big penny pinchers over the years. We had significant student debt that we needed to pay off and other financial goals we wanted to reach. So we buckled down and made it happen! It required a lot of time and sacrifice on our part. It is part of the reason my husband can make a somewhat humble salary and us afford for me to stay home with our son. (More to come on this topic later)

I wanted to share some shopping tips I have learned from the Moms I follow that have been most helpful to me in saving money. Some of them might actually surprise you!

Here goes nothing! If you have tips that have been especially useful to you, PLEASE comment below and share! I love connecting with readers and followers. I also consider myself a life long learner and want to pick up anything and everything that has been helpful to you.


1.) Shopping Frequently : You know the saying, “the early bird catches the worm” ? Well this applies with shopping. The reality is , if you shop frequently, you are way more likely to hit random sales, find stashes of items in thrift shops, on clearance racks, etc. Do you have someone in your life who seems to always manage to get amazing finds? Well let me tell you — they’re probably a very consistent shopper. I have learned that if I continually check the websites of clothing stores I love, that I am way more likely to hit a sale or get an amazing deal then if I only look when I “need” something.

Some things that I do that have helped me land great deals :

  • Save wanted items to your shopping cart. Websites of stores will save what you had last put in your shopping cart. Even if you don’t have an account with them, the computer browser will remember. AND sometimes they will even proactively send you coupons via your e-mail with things that say something like ” We noticed you still have something in your shopping cart, ” etc. I’ve gotten reminders with coupons or discounts this way.
  • When you’re sipping on your morning coffee or waiting in a line, check the websites/things you’ve saved in your shopping cart. That $60 cardigan you’ve been eyeing might be on a flash sale with free shipping.

2.) Download store apps/join point + member clubs

There are a surprising amount of store related apps these days. If you LOVE a store i.e Target, for example, download their app — check their sales and coupons BEFORE you go to the store. Especially if you’re looking for a particular item. The Target App is great.

Also don’t under estimate the power of “members only ” clubs. They typically only require your name and email , they send you coupons, notify you of sales, and offer things like free shipping advantages and such. Great way to be alerted and to save!

** Pro tip. If you don’t like being bombarded with sales flyer type male, create a gmail account specifically for store member clubs and such. Then all of that mail will be in one place and you don’t have to have it mixed in with your primary email. #winning

3.) Order online, pick up in store.

So am I the only newbie who didn’t know you could do this? SO many stores offer FREE shipping to the store for pickup. Why is this awesome? For one — it is FREE. Whereas if you got it shipped to your house, there are many times minimums for free shipping or you pay a lofty price to get it shipped to your house. Also you can GUARANTEE your size. Isn’t it annoying when you pack up your kids, go to the mall, park, fight traffic, only to find they’re out of your size in store? Well this way you can make sure your size is there by ordering online and picking up in store. Another advantage to this? You can return it right then and there if it doesn’t fit OR exchange for another size if they have it in store. The perks are endless. Try it out!!

4.) Follow people who shop frequently and let them do the work for you 

Most of these tips I have gotten from Moms who shop FOR me. They do try ons on their IG stories, notify me of sales, let me know how a fabric feels, if something fits True To Size or whether I should size up or down, etc. It’s like having a personal shopper. One of my FAVORITE cardigans I got for $14 at Abercrombie ( a store I never shop at ) because two moms I follow raved about it, told me to have it shipped to the store, and showed me how it is super nursing friendly.

Also follow people in your same stage in life. Moms who are pregnant can help you find maternity clothing. Or moms that are nursing can point you towards great nursing clothes. I’ve learned about brands I’ve never heard of this way!

5.) Get familiar with stores you love

So this is a big one. There are stores that RARELY run sales, and then other stores that seem to always have a sale. This is helpful to know because you would hate to jump on something just for it to go on a more steep discount a week later. If you are constantly checking on sales, you will learn stores patterns. They all have them. Trust me.

A good example is Carters : They ALWAYS have sales. ALWAYS. 50-70% off is not abnormal on a regular basis. So that means that don’t go running when there is a sale unless your child is really in need of something. I like to hit up their sales when they have a steep discount on clearance. Or even buying off season. They also have a great points program there.

By learning stores pattern of sales,  you will know when it makes sense to jump on something and when to wait it out.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you! Comment below with things you’ve learned as an in store or online shopper!

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