Gift Guide : Infants 0-1 ($50 and under)

I wanted to share with you all a quick guide of items that have been really useful to us for Arlen. Since it is the Christmas season I thought this might be a helpful list for family members if they wanted to purchase for your little one! Or if you’re expecting or have a child yourself you want to buy for, these are great choices that have served us well!

Most of these items are very affordable and you could buy second hand or try and catch them on sale. I always recommend searching Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. to see who has the best deal! I have included Amazon links to each item if possible. If you have Prime, it’ll help it get here by Christmas guaranteed. πŸ™‚

This is not a sponsored post. I do use Amazon affiliate links. Think of it as a veerrrrry small finders fee that costs you nothing but helps our little family if you buy through our link!

1.) Fisher Price Kick and Play Mat

You could use this mat from day one to at least 7 or 8 months. It actually converts to different positions once your little one can sit up! I’ve seen it retail for as much as $50. I included a link below to Amazon with it for $24.99. Just click on the picture! This combines the easy of a play mat with music and sounds. There are pink/purple and also blue/green options.

2.) Fisher Price Sit me Up Chair

This was a big win when we first got it for Arlen. We purchased it when he was 3 months old. This chair can also be used for quite some time as your little one grows (depending on how mobile your child is and how much they weigh.) Arlen is 5 months and still has plenty of room as he learns to sit up! These come in different animal patterns and range in price. I included the link to the cheapest one I could find on Amazon. Click on picture! $35.99

3.) Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

This has probably been the most used chair in our house. Arlen fit into it when he was a little newborn but also still happily relaxes in it as a 5 month old. This chair goes all the way to toddler hood. It goes up to 40 lbs! The toy bar is easily removable and it has different incline positions. He’s even taken naps in this bad boy. Definitely worth the investment! Comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Retails for $45.00, but I found it on Amazon for $39.99. Click below!

4.) Graco Door Jumper

This has been Arlen’s personal favorite lately. He can jump in it for an hour easily. He is a small little guy (short and doesn’t weight more than about 14 lbs) and he fits into it pretty well. If you have a chubby baby they will fill it out nicely. This is easily adjustable, fits on pretty much any standard doorway and will keep your little moving and grooving. He’s also fallen asleep in here as well. LOL. Retails for about $35.00 on Amazon.

5.) Skip Hop Bandana Buddy

Skip Hop is another brand that I love. Their toys are wonderful for developmental learning as well as quite affordable. This would be a great present or even stocking stuffer! Arlen plays with the tags and different textures on these for hours. Also provide a great chew toy option! Retails for around $14.99 on Amazon. All different animal options. Click on Pic for link.

6.) Boppy Tummy Time Pillow

We started using this when Arlen was about 2 months old. This is a great item to help little ones be more content when doing their Tummy Time. Arlen would last a lot longer when he was using his tummy time pillow. He loved it! These come in different colors and patterns. I found it on Amazon for $20.

7.) V Tech Learning Cubes

We have a different version of this learning cube that was given to us. It doesn’t seem to appear on Amazon right now, but wanted to share something similar. This is great for when babies are still playing on their backs and gives them something to roll towards. Also works well for when they can sit up on their own! This one retails for $20 on Amazon. Click on picture.

8.) Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker

Melissa and Doug is another absolutely wonderful toy company. They make SO many great toys! This rainbow stacker is sitting under the tree for Arlen and I can’t wait for him to get to play with it. Super affordable option for a great traditional learning toy. This one retails for $8 on Amazon. Click Pic.

9.) Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs

This was another great find I had recommended to me. We added it to our Christmas list for Arlen and it too is waiting under the tree. They get to learn colors, how to open and close eggs, and they even make sounds! Great once your little one sits up and can play independently. These guys retail for $13 on Amazon. Link in Pic.

10.) Indestructibles

These books are a great option for those babies who like to chew on , spit up, or rip up every other book you own. πŸ™‚ They are extremely affordable and every parent loves to get more books for their kiddos. They range from $2-3 dollars a piece on Amazon. Links in Pictures.






Hope you found this list helpful!! What did you get for your little one under the tree? Comment below if you have any great ideas or steals

xo Kelly

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