Cradle Coach : Why we chose to sleep train + Our Results

How we got here :

So — As many of you know, I’m a first time mom. I stay at home with our now, almost 8 month old son, Arlen. It’s been the greatest adventure of my life thus far. It also hasn’t been without its struggles. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a major researcher. I don’t just take people’s word for just about anything. (I’m working on it :))

So when it came to sleep, nothing had really changed. I had done tons of research and realized that much of the choices we make as mothers and sleep comes down to personal comfort and parenting style.

I broke just about every “rule” out there. We co-slept, Arlen slept on top of us, in our bed, we use bumpers in his crib. That’s just what we were comfortable with. Many are not, and that’s OK. You have to do what works for you.


**** SIDE NOTE: Personally, I did so much research on SIDS and found that what many don’t share are the actual numbers, the “real data” — like many SIDS deaths are not really sleep related and just that babies passed away when no one was watching — and they were in perfectly safe sleep situations. It’s called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome because nobody knows WHY they died. So that’s all I will say about that. If you or someone you know was effected by SIDS — I cannot imagine the pain or confusion or utter devastation. I’m just sharing here what we had to decide to do with our son. Again Do what YOU FEEL is best for your situation and child. Parenting is HARD and filled with SUPER DIFFICULT decisions**** This is a judgement free parenting Zone.

Arlen had silent reflux that we discovered when he was 4 weeks old. We didn’t get much sleep the first 6 weeks of his life and it was insanely difficult. Week 7 out of nowhere he started doing 6-8 hour stretches…by week 8 he was sleeping 8-11 hours a night. I was amazed and really had done nothing to teach him to do this.

ENTER : 4 month sleep regression. When Arlen was 4.5 months old—- it was like out of nowhere he started waking up super upset just like when he was 2 weeks old. I was told this was normal, developmental, growth spurt–and it would pass. Well 2 weeks turned into 2 months, turned into — desperation. Arlen was barely napping, not on a schedule, and waking up every 1-2 hours at night at 7 months old. I was lost as to what to do and talked to my husband about hiring a sleep consultant because I had tried everything else and was kind of losing it.

So………. how did we choose The Cradle Coach?

I follow several awesome Mom Bloggers on Instagram. Three specifically had all used the Cradle Coach and had talked about their wonderful experiences using their services. So I hopped on the computer and finally decided to check them out. I read their about section, looked at their different prices, and decided to pull the trigger.

I figured the next part would be most easily read in FAQ Format. So here are some FAQs about the Cradle Coach Services :

Are they Affordable?

In my opinion yes. But everyone’s budget is different. There are many sleep consultants out there that charge 3-400 dollars for VIRTUAL help. I find that to be really steep, so when I saw that The Cradle Coach would design a schedule and program specifically for my son based on his personality, likes, dislikes, diet, etc. AND I would get 3 days of e-mail support — for $150. I felt that was very reasonable. I also used a coupon code and got 10% off. COUPON CODE: Lynzyandco10 . for 10% off. 

Do they make you use the CIO method?

So here’s the thing. You can’t really avoid crying all together. BUT they did come up with 2 methods for Arlen that I could choose from. One being “gentler” approach– and that’s what we used! We were able to pick him up, cuddle him, etc. but at the end of the day — he’s going to cry because he isn’t getting what he wants in the moment./

How long does it take?

They give the time frame of 1-2 weeks BUT say you should see improvements in 3 days. We saw big improvements in just 2 days.

Do they have other packages?

Yes. To check out all their options check out their site here. 


Our Experience :

We had a wonderful experience using The Cradle Coach. The first day was by far the hardest and I’ll explain why. But first, below is the schedule that Arlen was put on. Remember that this is based on our lifestyle, Arlen’s personality, age, etc. So don’t try to put your 3 month old on this schedule 🙂 Highly recommend using their services and getting a personalized plan for your child.


So this is where we started. Some things that we altered right off the bat were :

  • How often Arlen Breastfed ( I was feeding him every 2-3 hours instead of 4)
  • How often Arlen ate whole foods (I was only doing 2 meals a day prior)
  • No Screen time starting at 5 pm
  • Nap length/times
  • Bed time 7:00 pm (previously Arlen was all over the place and going to bed as late as 10 pm)


What did we experience in our first 3 days?

Ok , so here is a breakdown of our days and what our experiences were.

Day One :

With waking Arlen up at 7:00 am, keeping him on track with his feedings, and keeping to this schedule, I found that he was not fighting his naps and sleeping for a minimum on one hour right off the bat, which was great.

He also went down easily for bedtime because he skipped his cat nap and ate big meals. He was ready for bed at 7 pm. Like really ready.

Arlen woke up at 9 pm, we followed our plan, and we had to do our first session of sleep training. This included putting a chair next to Arlen’s bed, picking up him when he cried, and putting him back down when he stopped. My husband and I took shifts of about 20 minutes each. This was HARD. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes for Arlen to give in and crash. I cried. I leaned on my husband, and it was tough. But I kept reminding myself these things : Arlen is EXHAUSTED. He NEEDS sleep. He was JUST breastfed and had dinner. So he IS NOT HUNGRY. At the end of the day he just rather be hanging out with us than doing what his body needed, which is sleep. This is no different then when you need to discipline your child for a tantrum. He needs training in this area as well. Sleep is something that is good for him. We were doing what was best for him, but it was not easy.

I am allowed to breasfeed him on this plan every 4 hours. Meaning he can eat post 11 pm up until 3 am. I fed him once this night, and he slept well until 3 am, fed him, and he woke up again at 6:30. I left him in his crib until 6:50..and then we started our day.

Day Two: 

Arlen takes two good naps. YAY. Does NOT fight going down. And he goes down well for bed too.

He woke up at 10:00 pm….but guess what? I had to only sleep train him for a total of 5 minutes!!! It was amazing the difference after just one day! 

He woke up at 2 am, I fed him and he went right back down and slept until 6:30 again. Such a major difference from waking up every 1-2 hours you all!

Day Three: 

Arlen took 2 good naps again, but this day he ended up taking a cat nap due to circumstances. I had to put him in the car in the afternoon , so he ended up taking a 45 min cat nap towards end up day (but he stayed on his schedule)

He went down easily, but he did wake up a couple more times this night. BUT each time I went and sleep trained him, he fell back asleep within minutes! such a big improvement! and now if I can, I avoid the cat nap that I believe he is trying to drop.


I wish I hadn’t waited until I was in desperation mode to hire The Cradle Coach. It was worth the money, it was worth the ONE NIGHT of tears for both Arlen and I. I have a happier Mom and a happier baby. I mean, who could ask for more? If you have ANY questions feel free to ask them below! Or email me at

RE: One Happy Baby Boy!




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