The Joy of Less

I shared on my stories that I picked up a few books on minimalism. I’ve really enjoyed getting other perspectives on material things. It’s been eye opening and very motivating to me.

Today I was pondering why I felt so strongly about downsizing and enjoying more of life with less, and I think it comes down to this…….

I was worshipping this morning and thinking on stripping away things in this life — and what I landed on was this thought : when we make an active effort to get rid of earthly things, it forces us outside of ourselves in so many different ways. It forces my eyes to the heavens.

For me, anytime Kenny and I have chosen something “scary, crazy, difficult , unknown” – we unknowingly or knowingly pushed ourselves on the mercy of the Lord.

I’ll never forget when doing a Kelly Minter bible study how she pointed out that Paul was given the grace of the thorn in his side. It was actually a mercy, not an inconvenience . It constantly reminded him of his need of Christ. But sometimes life gets easy, it gets luke warm, we get raises, everyone is healthy, marriage is strong, kids are well, things are comfortable — and if we sit in ease and comfort for too long — we forget the Giver of the gifts. We risk sliding into our human desire for comfort and ease and forget that each breath we have is His.

I’ve studied people who constantly chase challenge, and I think while there can be an extreme to avoid, there is a wisdom there. If we are always looking for what’s going to make our life easier, and not what’s going to cause us to grow, force change, take us out of our comfort zone, then I fear we are allowing our creature comforts to take over.

Now, our Lord is merciful and kind – so I do believe he is gracious is bringing about thorns to remind us of our need in Him. But what about our side of the relationship? What if we gleaned that the Lord does this – and start helping ourselves out by not allowing extreme comfort to sneak in? This is something I’ve been thinking about as I want to have a posture of being on guard. I don’t want to learn the hard way time after time. I want to gain wisdom and discernment – and if anything – I want to walk away from the ways of the world towards a path of simplicity. Towards an uncomfortable tight rope that forces me to cling to Jesus.

Because when everything else is stripped away – He remains.

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