DIY Wreath + chalkboard project

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This month’s DIY Home Decor Project is finally here! I’m so glad to have this up on my Instagram with you all! (Come join the party to see more like this @kelly.ann.carpenter)

I took my inspiration from a wreath I saw @welivedhappilyeverafter complete in her kitchen area. Go check her out in instagram if you’re unfamiliar. She’s a great follow for home projects.

I knew I wanted to be able to easily change the wording inside my wreath. We also live in a rental, so I didn’t want to wreck the walls too much + wanted to stay on a small budget. So, I opted for a DIY chalkboard.

I originally went into Hobby Lobby hoping to find a Chalk board I liked – but sadly I couldn’t find a round one anywhere! That’s when I had to get creative and make my own. It turned out awesome and I couldn’t be happier!

Total Cost of the project : $42. I had hoped to spend $35 total but ran into a snag with the chalkboard situation. The good part is, I was able to use extra branches for a vase I had sitting empty AND I have tons of chalkboard vinyl left over for other projects. So I’m calling that a WIN!

Last month’s budget I came under by about $40! So I had lots of money to spare this month.  So let’s get to the HOW to part of this DIY. Hope you enjoy and as always – leave me questions or hop over to Instagram to interact withe more more.

xoxo Kelly

** this post contains amazon affiliate links. This is how I am trying to provide a little income for our family. I like to be transparent with you all – if you are choosing to order any of the items off of Amazon, I’d be so honored if you used my link. I hope you find this DIY helpful! **


Items needed : (click on each item to be taken to Amazon for products)



Step One :

You’re going to want something to trace to make your circle on your vinyl. I found a salad bowl that fit perfectly inside the Wooden charger I used for my backboard to my DIY chalkboard.

Trace a circle, cut out, peel + Stick onto the wooden surface.



Step Two :

Figure out how you want to mount the wooden chalk board to your wall. For me, the easiest way to do this was to use a plate holder mount. You can find these on Amazon or at your local craft supply store. These are especially nice because you can then just hang it on the wall with a simple nail.



Step 3 : Make the wreath.

There really isn’t just one way to do this, but I cut my garland in half. Then I cut apart the bunch of branches into smaller branches using a wire cutter. I then randomly placed them throughout my garland and attached them using the green floral wire shown in my first photos.

Once I had attached all the branches, it was time to hang! I decided to simply use nails in the wall as this was the easiest way. Below are some pictures of the nails I used and what it looked like when I had them on the wall.

I laid my garland piece against the wall and held it up the way I wanted it to fall. I used a pencil to mark where I thought I wanted each of the three nails to go. I chose to use Gold finishing nails because of their size and color.


Once I had the nails where I wanted them, I then created three loops by wrapping the greenery wire around the garland and twisting them shut. I made sure the holes were small enough to go over the nail, but not SO big that they would fall off the nail easily. You can always clamp them shut with pliers after you hang them on the nails.

And that’s it! All that’s left to do is draw your favorite phrases or quotes on the chalk board. I purchased by chalk pens from The Container store, but you can also use the links above in my Items needed list to purchase them on Amazon!


I hope you found this helpful! Please let me know below in the comments if you give it a try OR come on over to instagram @kelly.ann.carpenter and let me know how it went or if you have any questions!

Finished Product :


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