5 Easy Ways to Go Zero Waste

10 DIYS for Your Beach Trip

Today I wanted to compile five of my favorite Zero Waste swaps for you all. These are things that I’ve done around my house to go more low waste. I love all of them and think they are very simple changes you can make if you’re looking for some options or inspiration.

I am sharing links of where to purchase these items – some can be bought on Amazon and some I will direct you to the web page. Hope you enjoy!

1.) Reusable sponges : I purchased mine from @thezerowastemaker. I found them on IG and was instantly impressed with the materials used and the price point. Click here to go directly to the page to read about them!


2.) Glass Canning Jars : These are everywhere in my kitchen. I use them for dry food storage, in the freezer, and as my tupperware to hold left overs. They are a must have when switching your kitchen away from plastic. You can get them many places, but here is a direct link to purchase the ones I own from Amazon. (Click on the image to be taken to them.)

3.) Reddecker reusable bamboo brush : This has been so good for everything the sponges can’t remove. They can be purchased on Amazon and they can be composted once you’re done with them! I have friends who have had theirs well over a year. #winning. (Click on image to be taken to Amazon)

4.) DIY House cleaning : I am going to do a whole blog post on this, but I purchased a large Jar to make my house cleaner in. It is comprised of citrus peels + Vinegar. That’s it! Below is the jar I bought to make large batches in. (Click on image to be taken to Amazon)

5.) Organic Cotton Mart Produce Bags : These have been a major game changer when buying in bulk. They come with the tare weight already on them and are so helpful! All the cashiers love them too because it makes checking out go more quickly and smoothly. They also double as awesome bags to make almond / flax / Dairy free milks with! This set is super affordable and available on Amazon Prime! (Click Picture to be taken to Amazon)


Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the different ways I started to go more low waste. I’d love to hear from you what’s worked well! Leave me a comment or question below OR come join the party over in instagram! I do lives, giveaways, and love to interact over there. Come say hi! @kelly.ann.carpenter

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