How to Host a Low Waste Party

low waste party

On my most recent instagram post I talked about how I recently hosted a low-waste party successfully. I got a lot of positive feedback and decided to share three ways I think you can do this easily in your own home.

1.) Use what you already have

It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting your party to be Pinterest worthy. I get it. We’ve all been there. But a the end of the day, people come to be with YOU and each other. They come for community, laughter, food, etc. Not for the pretty paper decorations that’ll end up in your trash can after the party is over. So don’t be afraid to use what you have! My party was themed Margaritas + Guacamole. So I used dishes I had along with regular glasses. I let go of the pressure of feeling like I need Margarita appropriate glasses. And guess what? NO ONE CARED! they just wanted that delicious Margarita!

2.) Make your food or buy bulk / unpackaged items when possible

I made my guacamole and saved myself wasting the plastic tubs they are sold in. This also allowed for my food to be fresh and delicious! I also made my own margarita mix from fresh squeezed limes + lemons and prepared by own simple syrup from scratch. I’m listing the recipe at the end of this post for those who asked! I was able to buy all my produce plastic free as well as use the left over citrus for home cleaning vinegar. That’s a win!

3.) Borrow what you don’t have

I was going to run out and purchase a glass pitcher because I do not own one, when it dawned on me my Mother owns two that she uses occasionally. Think about friends and family who might own the hosting items you need to help save money but also spare some waste or storing items you might only use or need a couple times a year. This also spared me from purchasing something plastic or disposable and then tossing it later.


I hope you find these tips helps. For more like this, go check out my IG feed for daily inspiration! @kelly.ann.carpenter 


Margarita Mix Recipe

Ingredients :

2 cups of lime juice (  approx 15-20 limes)

2 cups of lemon juice ( approx 15 lemons)

1 cup simple syrup ( Make my using 1 cup of water + 1 cup of sugar and bringing to a boil until sugar is completely melted)

1/5 of Silver Tequila

Once simple syrup has cooled, combine with lemon + lime juice , simple syrup + Tequila. Serve with salted glasses + Ice.


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