5 Easy low waste swaps for your home

Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.

Last week I paired up with a friend on Instagram to share our top 5 favorite low waste swaps in our home. It was so popular, ya’ll asked for more! So I am pairing up again today with another buddy to share 5 more. If you want to watch my stories, hop on over to Instagram where I do most of my sharing @kelly.ann.carpenter

1.) Ceramic Tupperware with bamboo lids : These have been a game changer for me. Once I learned that my plastic tupperware was actually leeching chemicals into my food, I was quite literally sick to my stomach. Not only are these beautiful, but they are practical. I wasn’t able to find any on Amazon unfortunately! But Glass is a great secondary option and there are tons of Amazon.

2.) Bees wax wrap : These are amazingly versatile, last a very long time, are easy to clean , and it helps you avoid having to ever buy aluminum foil or cling wrap again! I call that winning. Click on the pic below to buy them on Amazon!

3.) Mason Jars : I use these for everything. Food storage, snack containers, left overs, glasses, you name it! They’re super useful and a great way to cut back on buying disposable items. Here is a great starter set at an awesome price + size!

4.) Reusable snack bags : I use full circle because I appreciate the company’s quality and mind set. These have saved me SO much money and I use them daily to pack my son’s snacks. They’re available on Amazon as well which is so nice! They come in all sizes and patterns!

5.) Reusable cotton bags. I’ve talked about these before, but I want to reiterate how often I use them! Recently my friend gifted me a beautiful one she found in South Africa. You can use these to wrap presents, carry food, shop bulk, carry you travel essentials, you name it!


Come over to Instagram and tell me your top five! I’d love to learn more from  you all too.




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