1 Day No Single-Use Plastic Challenge



Recently I was made aware of a movement begun by @globalWAKEcup . They are calling people to take a challenge to remove single-use plastics from their lives for one day. This organization was started by two friends Nick and Buffie. They are motivated to tackle this world wide problem of plastics ruining our planet by the multiplication factor.

On their website you can read the following :

“But with a problem this big, where do you start? The thinking behind what we do is part education and part real world solutions, backed up with 10% of profits going directly to our charity partners – The Marine Conservation Society. We believe small changes to our daily routine when multiplied across the globe can make a huge difference to our shared Oceans…… “It’s only 1 plastic straw said 7.7 Billion people” is a line that has helped inform our thinking and also “If you can’t reuse it , refuse it“….. In addition to the alternatives to single-use cups, bottles, straws and bags we offer, GlobalWAKEcup also get stuck in with beach cleans and promote initiatives like Plastic Free July. We are also planning some very special events with our new friends at The Royal Albert Hall and have talks, podcasts and workshops in the pipeline with some influential artists, musicians and actors all contributing their thoughts on sustainability and other environmental topics.”

Enter the one day challenge! Imagine what we could do if we all just eliminated these items for a day. But then, think about if we started to replace these items with reusable products? World-changing impact is what we can accomplish. This gets me fired up as a Mom who wants this planet to still be around for future generations.

I am doing the One Day challenge and want to encourage all of my followers to do the same! I will be sharing all about my experience tomorrow on my stories as well as in a post on my instagram account. 

I am also continuing to replace items in our home with reusables to stop the constant waste in my life and continue my journey to a lower waste life style. This is so important for all of us to think about! I encourage you to join me for a better, healthier, sustainable tomorrow.

You can donate money to the Marine Conversation Society by going here.  Think about donating the cost of a $5 dollar coffee to help our oceans.

For more details about the contest, click here. 


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