DIY Essential Oil Allergy Blend

Easy Oil Blend

I don’t know about you, but for some reason this year my allergies have been out of control! I haven’t been able to breathe the last couple of weeks so I started to research what I could do to help. I had started to get sinus pain which was when I knew I had to do something more than what I already have been. My regular Zyrtec wasn’t cutting it.

I have a little stock pile of essential oils that my Mother in Law had gifted me and I knew there was probably something in there that could help. I decided to search the web and reach out to some oily friends and I kept hearing the same three oils. Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. So that’s where I landed!

Here is what I created to help with this allergy season.



  • Open Amber roller and add Carrier Oil until 3/4 ful
  • Add 3-4 drops of each oil + close Amber roller
  • Shake up and apply under nose, behind ears and on wrists as needed.
  • Also just breathing in the mixture can help with sneezing


Have you ever used oils to help with allergies? What have you tried?

I would love to know! Leave a comment here or come join the party over on Instagram! I’m very active on IG and would love to interact with you.

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